Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Why, oh Why?

Hey! So, where to start. Last week of university for the semester (yay!). I was meant to go to a revision lecture yesterday, but dad seemed to have other plans. He told me before he left that I could drive my car to uni (at the moment we share the car) but when it came to going, I couldn't find the keys. Searching like a mad woman, i couldn't find them inside or outside the house. Calling my mother, we both assumed that dad had taken the keys with him. After half an hour with no word, in a last ditch effort to find my keys, I went to look in the car. And were the keys? IN THE F******* CAR!! When I told my dad that I couldn't find the keys, he remained adamant that he told me the location of the keys, but still, what would possess someone to leave the keys in the ignition of the car. He might as well stick a sign on the window that says 'Steal Me'. Needless to say, I missed my all important lecture, so I was fairly annoyed.

Another of my lectures provided a memorable experience. We had our lecturer and tutor do a little mock of Titanic to theme song 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of videos of said incident, but I can confirm that I was crying from laughter :D.

I nearly had a car accident as well today. Some idiot in a 4WD thought because his car is bigger than mine that I would automatically move for him, getting hit by cars in the oncoming direction. I hate people who drive 4WD because they all have this mentally that they are bigger than every one else. Inferiority complex much! A ridiculous amount of people who drive this idiot machines don't even use it for its intended purpose, because lets be honest, some people just can't go a couple of hours without their skinny caramel latte's. In case I haven't made my point, I don't own or drive, nor do I intend to own or drive a 4WD.

In other news, I watched Beauty and the Beast today. Although I have the Disney classic on DVD, I haven't watched it recently and I have definitely been missing out. The art is still fantastic and I really wish I could draw and paint like that. If any of you remember, It is the last Disney animation to be completely drawn my hand, none of this 3D animation crap that kids today are subjected to. I feel sorry for them.

I have also been reading Goong recently. Firstly, it is a Korean Manhwa and I really don't know what to say about this one. Apparently the last of the chapters were uploaded in English yesterday, and if that is in fact the case, I am severely disappointed. The plot itself is amazing, It is set in current times, although in an alternate reality where the history of the world is altered slightly so Korea is not only united, but ruled by a monarchy. It focuses of the customs of the monarchy and life inside the palace (translated to be 'Goong' hence the title) and the constant power struggle within the monarchy for status. The plot of the story is amazing, quite different from your standard series. The characters are very intricate and well thought out, the relationships between the characters are extremely complex and part of the series is based on the journey to understanding these characters and relationships. The art is fantastic, especially the SD components of the series. However, the ending absolutely ruins it for me. To read 27 volumes only to be left with that kind of vague ending without the plot even being resolved of who will ultimately be king is nothing short of disappointment. I am sincerely hoping that the information about it being the end is a lie, and that the series is only on hiatus (has not been published since mid 2011) or there will be a sequal or even spin-off (as much as I hate spin-offs) series of some form. So if you are not one who is annoyed by the ending and reads only for the journey, then get on it people, but if crap endings annoy you like me, then please, for the love of pocky, please do not read, you will be disappointed.

On a side note, i attempted to read Kirakira 100% but gave up after 2 chapters because I already figured out how it was gonna go down and there was nothing to hook me into the plot, so I figured why bother

Anyways, that is about it for now! I'll be sure to update you all soon

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