Saturday, 26 May 2012

At last...

I had a very peaceful day today ^_^ For the first time in a good couple of months I had a day which required me to do absolutely nothing, and let me say, it was glorious. Although, in all seriously, come Monday I will be hitting the books for the next few weeks in order to pass my exams, but fear not! I will make time to update my blog as it helps me relax at times.

So my team, the Sydney Swans played today. Although they played in Melbourne this weekend, I did not venture to the game, as after my last experience left me freezing cold. Good thing I didn't go, as I would have been bitterly disappointed as they once again, lost in Melbourne. It seems that they can't win here. Also, I am trying to save my money for the moment, so going to the AFL will just have to wait!

I have had the chance to read a few more manhwa series as well recently. I read Daddy Long Legs, and no it is not about the spider kind. It is a tragedy, and if you don't pay attention, you may get a bit lost, so to explain, I will most likely reveal spoilers. Sorry in advance. The story starts with Cha Young-Mi's employment at a radio station as a script writer, which just so happens to be her dream job. Turns out ever since her parents died in an accident, an anonymous person has been sponsoring the young girl so she can achieve her dream, their only contact being through snail mail. As the story progresses Young-Mi receives emails from a girl who's house she currently lives in, except the messages were sent a year ago with the intention of being received the following year (She assumes it is a girl for there is a massive portrait of her hanging in the main room). These emails serve as a journal for the girl and details of her unrequited love, who went oversees for medical reasons, in case she lost her memory as a result of the disease she has. The emails reveal also that the girl may only have a year to live. In the meanwhile, Young-Mi falls in love with a fellow colleague, Kim Joon-Hoo while also looking for her mysterious daddy long legs, who seems to be closer than he lets on. After a particular incident where a letter was answered (daddy long legs responded) but was never sent (because she never wrote an address) it is discovered that the director is her daddy long legs. After confronting the director, he admits that he is only a 'stand in' for the real daddy long legs, and that the real sponsor was originally Kim Joon-Hoo. The audience is then taken on a trip through Kim Joon-Hoo's memories and we find that he is owner of the house Young-Mi lives in, the sender of the emails, thus the person with the disease. At this point, Young-Mi and Joon-Hoo, who can't remember that he previosuly loved Young-Mi before his illness, reconcile at Young-Mi's favourite place (a park overlooking the town) only for Joon-Hoo to die next to her. After Joon-Hoo's death, Young-Mi finds the key to the attic, which turns out to be an office filled with sketches and notes about Young-Mi. At this point a ghost of Joon-Hoo appears (Young-Mi can't see it, but can feel his precence) that says he likes the smiling Young Mi the best. The story ends with Young-Mi saying that she is happy, but can't wait for the day when the two of them meet again. So yeah, that is about it, a bit long, but very confusing, I had to read the last few chapters twice to understand, but given that it is only two volumes in length, it is a nice, very well put together story and an enjoyable read. Everyone should get on it even if it isn't your cup of tea because this is such an amazing story.

I also read I Accept You, another Manhwa series, but this one is 6 volumes long. As far as Manhwa goes, this one is pretty standard. You have the two main characters, You have your gangs, your crazy stalker girl, the other guy who loves the stalker girl, another, totally unrelated girl, the dark hidden pasts etc. In short, there was simple, unlike Daddy Long Legs, which i felt had that depth. I Accept You definitely had it's moments, and  I still found it enjoyable, it's just that in comparison, for me it is no contest. However you like the works of great Manhwa artists such as Hwang Mi-Ri and Han Yu-Rang, then I feel that you will find that you will enjoy this series. 

For the record, I love Hwang Mi-Ri's and Han Yu-Rang's work, just a lot of their work has the whole gang/bad boy thing written into the plot. Also, I do read manga as well (a lot more than manhwa) but I have been reading a lot of manhwa lately because of my list. Basically, I have a list of the series that I wish to read, and to select the next series I will read, I number each series and then use a random number generator. I then match the random number generator with the number corresponding on the list and voila! It just so happens that a lot of Manwha numbers have come up recently :)

Anyway, a rather lengthy update I must say, but that is pretty much it for now, so until next time :)

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