Wednesday, 30 May 2012

You can tell I'm on Break

There will be a lot of talking about cars and driving today! Don’t worry, I know nothing about cars either, this is just about car related incidents! Lately, my dad and I have been sharing a car. It kind of gets annoying because when he needs it to go to work, it means that I am stranded in the house for the day, which can get rather boring at times. I mean, does anyone have one of those days where you want to do something but can’t? I seem to have those, and it is always when I don’t have a car. Anyways, moving on, I think my dad deliberately drives the car just enough so the fuel light doesn’t come on, so when I use it, less than 5 minutes after starting the car, I have to pull into a petrol station because there is no petrol left. I swear this happens every time. Then once I am done, he drives the car and the cycle repeats itself. My bank account is in pain because of this. 


Still on cars, I was driving home today, when suddenly some man starts beeping his horn, indicating that he wants to overtake me. I don’t have an issue with people overtaking me, because I laugh at them knowing that eventually they will get done for speeding, but this guy wanted to overtake me on a one lane each way street. Needless to say, because it is only one lane, it is highly illegal, and when the man was overtaking me, he looked over and made some obscene gestures at me to make me look like a bad driver. I will re-iterate that I was going the speed limit. To make this guy more of an a-hole, this happened during school hour’s school zone. Obviously, he was in such a hurry that the safety of primary school children is less important than getting home. Honestly, and I know this is harsh, but if people like that crash their cars, I don’t have any sympathy for them because they way they drive endangering others just so they can get home 30 seconds faster, then they deserves some form of punishment.


Okay, enough ranting and moving on. I have read Goshimei Desu by Shinjo Mayu. It is a nice little 3 chapter story and may I say, it is refreshing from her previous serializations. The male lead Kiriya/Yamada doesn’t attempt to sexually assault anyone! And the female lead, Miharu actually has some guts to stand up for what she believes in. This was the one I was waiting for and it’s kind of sad that it only is three chapters. The story is both funny, yet serious. It is about Yamada, who moved to Tokyo and started working at a host club under the name Kiriya. One day, he is going on a work related date, only to be meeting a child who claims that he is the father of. The mother runs of with no trace of her to be found and trouble endures when Miharu surprises them with a visit from Nagasaki. Anyway, it is a light-hearted insight on a very serious issue and all in all a quite enjoyable read.


I also read Datte Suki nan Damon by Yoshizumi Wataru (Marmalade Boy). I quite like the mangaka’s work, as a lot of it takes a different approach to the typical shoujo relationships and this one is no exception. A short series at 2 volumes complete, the majority of the series is focused on the relationship between Moka and Yoshi and how Yoshi begins to overcome his ‘disease’ of only liking girls who have boyfriends and losing interest once they are single again. The characters are very standard, by that I mean that they aren’t as memorable as other series that I have read. The art is amazing, as usually is the case with this mangaka and a nice short read for anyone who may be interested.


I also went and watched The Dictator starring Sacha Baron Cohen and Anna Faris. Despite the controversy his films seem to create, I am quite a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen’s work. Doing a degree in Media Studies, I have learnt that his ability to create characters and turn the characters into celebrities to some degree in their own right (the actual term is ‘celeactors’). He is like the Barry Humphries of gen Y (for those of you who don’t know, Barry Humphries creates Dame Edna and many other characters). The comedy in the film is very slapstick and I overall like how the film turned a major issue in current society and put the comedic spin on it.

Anyways, that's about it for now, until next time :)

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