Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Profound Analagy

After some profound thought, I have come to the conclusion that my phone service provider is no better than a needy girlfriend, you know, those ones who post the vague, attention seeking statuses on Facebook. And here is why:

1. My service provider is more than happy to extend my contract before it expires, but there is no chance of doing so before the expiry date. It is considered 'cheating' in the phone service world if I do this. To be completely reasonable though, I don't even get mobile reception at my house so why would I a) want to renew my contract to begin with, and b) there are better deals out there for me
2. It takes you for all you are worth, adding interest and GST to its already high maintenance costs
3. Like a clingy girlfriend, they constantly call you, asking for you to commit to a lifestyle that most cannot afford

Hence, as of the beginning of next month, my current service provider can consider itself dumped in favour of a more economical service.

Also, like everyone else, I am going to have a whinge about the weather. It's cold and it's wet and quite frankly I'd much rather stay in bed today, but unfortunately that is not going to happen.

Also, I have read Neck and Neck. Not a lot to say about it. Essentially it is 8 volumes of waiting for the lead chick to get with the other guy, which happens at the very end of the very last chapter. It was kind of all over the place. When someone was plotting against the heroine, all of a sudden the story line would jump to another tangent and jump back again 2 volumes later. The overall plot was decent, however the inconsistency of the story lost it for me :(

Anyways, that about it for now, hopefully next time, I won't be freezing when I update :)

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