Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Guess who's back?

Okay, so it's not like I have been gone for a while, but still, nearly a week with no update is a long time by my standards. I would have liked to have posted again sooner, but my life has been like "You know what Cherry? I don't care if you want to update your blog. I'm just going to keep you busy." So what have I been doing exactly?

Uni work for starters. My weekend was completely sucked up with working on assessments like this massive Essay which took me the best part of two days to finish and a oral presentation. By the way, if you get nervous when public speaking DO NOT PICTURE THE AUDIENCE IN THEIR UNDERWEAR!! I was thinking about this and then it occurred to me: what if someone isn't wearing anything. Needless to say...speech was a failure due to such thoughts. Anyway, 90% of my assessments are done, so i thought I would have some more free time but...that isn't happening. Starting next week I may have a third job, although that should only take up a couple of hours out of my week. And finally I am still trying to get over what i call the 'Autumn hay-fever'. Luckily it seems I am finally getting over it, so I should be back to full power in the next few days.

Moving on...
Recently, I have been reading the manga Kamisama Hajimemashita. I have read to all the English chapter scanslations and I must say, where have I been doing?!? I have been putting off reading the series because I didn't think it would suit my tastes, but boy was I wrong. For anyone who is interested, get on it, it is an enjoyable read. The art is fantastic, the plot is interesting, it is a supernatural themed manga so that is why I guess. The characters are awesome. For anyone who has read it, Tomoe is now my god (pun totally intended), he just does everything like a boss, so good!

A new manga series that has caught my attention is Orange by Takano Ichigo. It is a tragedy, you have been warned!! It is about a girl (Naho) who receives a letter from her future self saying the new transfer student, friend and love interest of Naho (kakeru) won't be with them in 10 years from now and the aim of the letter is to alter 'present Naho's' future (we'll call 16 year old Naho 'present Naho') because she has so many regrets, mainly Kakeru dying. Because only two chapters have been released in English so far, we don't know much about the plot, but what we do know is that Kakeru dies when he is 17 (keep in mind that they are 16 at the start, so we have a time frame for the plot) and that he dies in an accident. We also know that there was a promise between Kakeru and Naho, although we don't know what that is...yet. Also, In the future Naho is assumedly married to Sawo (friend from school who is also one of the main characters) and has a daughter with him. I think the tragedy with this one isn't so much just the death of Kakeru, but the choice she has to make to save him or her future daughter, because if she saves Kakeru, it can be assumed that Naho won't marry Sawo. The real clinger is that she doesnt know about her future life as such (doesn't know she has a family and such). But the way Kakeru died and her feelings for him must be something special if she is willing to sacrifice the life 'future Naho' has in order to change her past. So yeah, it's any interesting one and I'm looking foward to see how it progresses. It's a lot to get your head around, but anyone who hasn't read it and is interested, please do so, you won't regret it.

Also, I have finished watching Earl and Fairy anime. My assumption was right, it was much more enjoyable than the manga, so if you by chance have read the manga and liked it, then you will definitely love the anime. I feel that the anime shows the development of the relationship between the characters better, not just the main characters, but other supporting characters. I felt this was lacking in the manga, especially with Raven, because let's be honest, everyone would have died if he wasn't there to kick butt.

Lastly before I go, my footy team lost!! First time this year, but the swans lost, so I am disappointed. It was the only tip I got wrong as well, so they really let me down this week, but I am going to watch them play this weekend, so they better put on a bloody good show. Also, in regards to my footytips, I am sitting equal 3rd at the moment, lurking, ready to pounce on the two that are ahead of me :)

Anyways, that is all for now, talk to you all again soon :)

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