Monday, 28 May 2012

Turning Back Time

Okay, so I have been thinking of cosplaying or dressing up for an actual picture of myself for this blog, but last night when I attacked my friend's Facebook page, I found a wonderful photo of myself at the 2011 Melbourne Zombie Shuffle. I didn't even know my friend took posted this awesome photo of me and I thought that I just had to use it, so here it is:

In case you couldn't guess, me and friends went with the oh so cliche`d 'schoolgirl zombie apocalypse' theme. I also found a good one from 2010 zombie shuffle where a friend and I went as 'dide and doom' which resulted in a lot of pictures ending up on FlickR:

Looking through my pictures, I realize that thanks to photographs, there are moments that I am less proud of because I look like a twat, but hey, it was always a lot of fun. Moving on....

Anyways, I have read (there are only two chapters translated so far) the manga series Gekka Mugentan and I have to say it is surprisingly similar to Black Bird. The differences between this and Black Bird are very minimal, for example, instead of tengus, it is werewolves, the werewolves have a village secluded in the mountains, and the leadership of the village is decided by who can 'copulate' (word they use) with the 'golden rule' who is a girl with a crescent moon birth mark on her chest. Also, in order to be with the golden rule, it has already been established that these werewolves will kill each other. The main difference is that the heroine kicks ass. I mean, she isn't some wimpy little girl who starts crying every 3 panels, words cannot describe my desire to smash my head in whenever she starts crying, you could almost make a game out of it. Anyways, it is just as smutty, if not more smutty than black bird, so if you are sensitive to those kind of scenes, then please, do not read, you have been warned!! Also, although I have said only two chapters have been released in English so far, it is quite a lengthy series, with 7 volumes and ongoing!

I have also been reading Hotaru no Hikari. This series is a Josei series, and good Josei series are rather hard to find (mainly because they are all oneshots or manga adaption of harlequin romance novels-how I hate onseshots) but this one is a real gem. 7 volumes have been scanlated thus far, the series quite lengthy at 15 volumes complete. I quite like the analogy of the 'dried fish' or 'himono onna' for the lead character, who is lazy, messy and has not been in a relationship for 5 years, in other words, chronically single.  It deals with issues such as the older woman-younger man relationship (hotaru is 3 years older than her boyfriend, that is, when she gets a boyfriend) as well as living with another man who is not your husband/de facto partner, which used to be looked down on upon society. Although I haven't found any reliable sources, I just know Hotaru's boyfriend Makoto is going to find out about her living arrangements with Takano bachou and then they will break up and in the end she will end up with bachou. I expect an appearance by Bachou's estranged wife (they are separated but there is nothing said about them being divorced) but in the end, they will end up together perhaps, because, due to dramatic irony, they don't realize that they already find it hard to live their lives separately anymore (as shown in chapters 27ish-36ish). 

Anyways, that is about it for now, until next time :)

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