Sunday, 20 May 2012


On Everything! Seriously. I am having a serious rant about everything at the moment because I can. So lets start from the beginning. On Friday Morning, I was given the task of driving my mum to the airport. I was up at 4am we had plenty of time to drive there, because you know, it's the airport, so security take forever. Anyway, being 5am at the time, you wouldn't think there would be that much traffic on the road, so I decided to drive through the city. Boy was I wrong. Literally, minutes before we drove through the route I wanted to go, there was a massive car accident which caused the cars involve to catch fire, so the road was immediately closed. Forced to do a u-turn and time running out to get to the airport, I made the executive decision to try another route, alas, ended up completely lost. Just when we lost all hope that mum would not make it to the airport in time, we found the landmark which would lead us to our destination, thus we followed the aforementioned landmark until we arrived, arriving with no less than 3 minutes till the cut off time for the flight. And this is all before 6am.

Luckily, my luck changed after this point, I was fortunate enough to complete and submit my final assessment for the semester, so I have my free time back !! However, I was lacking sleep at this point, so I don't remember much of the remainder of the day's happenings. Saturday was also an up-down day. Thinking it was my day off, I was ready to chill the day away, when I got a call last minute to work Dreamtime at the G, One of the biggest AFL games of the year. Three hours later, I am at the MCG working, and let me tell you, one of the most amazing experiences of my life, despite the fact that I was working. It was invaluable experience and I hope I get to work there again through my agency. For the record, I work in the members area, not one of the fast food stalls. It might sound weird if I was speaking so highly of hot chips and hot dogs. On a sidenote, yay for Sydney demolishing Melbourne, always good when my team gets up. Continuing on, getting home after working was a hassle. I hopped on a train which would take me home. I don't like trains as it is, so imagine my fear when the train kept stuttering along the tracks. It got to the point where I couldn't handle the jumping and had to get off, so I sat at a train station for 30 minutes waiting for the next train in what seemed like arctic weather. Although, upon reflection, I was probably more scared the 30 seconds it took me to walk to my car when I got off the train the second time in the fear of getting jumped.

Moving on, after working today, I can confirm I have absolutely no ambition to pursue a career in childcare. Enough said!

I have recently been reading 'Boy of the female wolf'. I don't know what to think of it, because there is no real plot. I mean, it's just a girl pretending to be a guy because she feels like, a bunch of people belting the crap out one another, and the jealous love rival trying to reek havoc. I know a lot of manga/manhwa are like this and are very cliched, but at least there was some plot. The characters have very little back story and as I mentioned, other than the love triangle/square etc. there is very relatively little story. Such as, even though it is categorized as 'school life', although majority of it is set in a campus setting, very little emphasis is placed on the school, and more so on the fighting happening in school. It's like the school is just a setting rather than a plot. I guess I would recommend if anyone is after a simple read, but I definitely don't think I will be reading it again.

Anyhoo, that's it for now, hope to write again soon! :)

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