Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I had a Dream

and it was really weird. I mean, thinking about makes me wonder what the hell I was doing when I went to bed last night. Okay, so I guess I will tell you about the dream. So basically I play the lead role of my dream, except it is set in an alternate world where spirits and monsters are freely exist within the human world. Anyway, so there I was, being the main character of my dream, and I'm just there being awesome, when all of a sudden, BAM, I have to move.

So I move, and in this new neighborhood, I can't seem to make any friends, so I am now a loner, until one day, I come across an angry, not violent, but angry spirit guy who I befriend. Once I befriend the spirit man, I find that something makes my cats go berserk (yes my cats make an appearance too), so I begin my mission to find out what happened to my cats. Chasing the cats down the street, I befriend an elderly man and then I learn about the old man's past, which was surprisingly interesting, anyway that is a subplot of my dream, so I will get back to the main tangent.

After listening to the old man's tale, I went back on my mission to capture my berserk cats, this time with the help of my spirit friend because he is in a good mood for once. One my journey, I meet some younger people, around my age, and I am quickly accepted into their group and we are having fun. My spirit friend is angry again because they don't like him. While I am having fun with these new friends, my berserk cats return to me, only to try and attack me. I was able to capture one (there are two) and took it home so it wouldn't escape and reek more havoc.

Once taking care of that cat, I go back to my new friends. My spirit friend has gone off somewhere, leaving me a note (because he is old school) saying that he has gone to take care of some urgent business and not to touch anything suspicious while he was gone (he is a spirit, so he does have powers). Anyways, so I return to my friends, and in the house we have gathered at, there is a mysterious box. My friends convince me to put my hand into the mysterious box because there is something amazing inside. After succumbing to peer pressure, I put my hand in the box to find that there is nothing in there (you can't see in the box).

Afterwards, I meet the old man again, this time, he has a grim look on his face and tells me that my future has become uncertain. I didn't know what it meant at the time but it soon became clear. Soon, my new found friends avoided me and weird and dangerous events started to befall me, each time I barely escaped. Soon, my spirit friend has returned from his business (still didn't know what type of business this was) and said he sensed a suspicious aura around me. He asked what had happened, and I explained everything. When I told him that I put my hand in the mysterious box, he stopped me from talking. The following conversation ensured:
"Then that explains the aura, it was faint but I sensed something, but because you disobeyed me and touched something mysterious, it is now my job to take care of the spirit that is following you"
"Following me? I'm sure it's nothing"
"I'll put it simply then. It's trying to kill you?"

And alarm went off. So whether i live or die in my dream is unknown. I am pretty sure that i could write this into a multi-book series which will turn into a billion dollar movie franchise, I mean Stephanie Meyer did it so it can't be too hard right. In all seriousness, I might try to write a short story about it, going more into depth about the old man and the cats and the friends and the spirit man and myself. Maybe even a little romance, seeing as that always goes down well. We'll see how I go.

In other news, my Facebook has been inundated with pro-life/pro-choice arguments. Honestly, my stance on this is "I don't give a #@*%" but, what I do care about is people who try to make propaganda that is clearly false. Also, I don't like protests regarding this matter, because more often than not, on my days off when I go roaming the city, they are there with their banners and slogans, shouting there bs facts and parading around town. I go out on my days off to enjoy my time, not to see some douchey political activists making noise. Argh just talking about it makes me angry. This isn't strictly limited to this issue, but any issue. I just think there are quieter more civil ways for people to get their voices heard without annoying countless others. 

That's about all for now, I'm quite pissed right now, so I don't want to write anymore at the risk of offending people. K, Bye

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