Saturday, 22 September 2012

Such A Shame

Ah, I feel so annoyed that when I finally get a uni break, I have to spend the whole time doing work on assessments. I swear when Lecturers get the time table, they see the mid semester break, and put assessments to be due to week after so we actually don't get a break, because we have to research and do oh so fun stuff like that.

Moving on, I can't tell you how happy that the Swans are in the AFL grand final! YAY! Hopefully they can win it and make my next weekend a happy one :)

I also saw three minutes of Jack and Jill, another Adam Sandler movie...I only watched 3 minutes because lets just say I hope Adam Sandler sticks to his own gender in the was just too weird.

With Ouke no Monshou, I have given up on it for now as I got to chapter 58 and realized that there is a chuck of chapters missing between 58-66, so I will wait before continuing. For what I have read, I love to see the art progression from beginning to chapter 58, it's just so much better compared to the beginning. I quite like the story, I am a fan of historical fiction, so this one was much enjoyable.

Although I say this quite often, I will try to update a bit more regularly in the future, but we'll see how I go :)

Anyways, until next time :)

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