Wednesday, 5 September 2012

28 Parmagianas

Haha, I thought that was a joke! I was working, minding my own business, then BOOM!! Some guy comes up to me, and orders 28 chicken parmigiana. At first I thought he was joking because the chef just asked me to sell another 25 meals for the night, but he was dead serious. Needless to say, the chef and I had a good laugh at the timing of the incident, but that was about as eventful as my days have been.

Although admittedly, uni has been rather interesting. We have been discussing how 50 shades of grey has re-invigorated the erotic fiction market...most awkward lessons ever!

Anyway, I have been reading a manhwa 'My Girl' by Paek Jeong Won and is 5 volumes long. It is about a high school girl who disguises herself as supermodel Jinny in order to persue a career in modelling/acting. Outside of being Jinny, Ahjin is very athletic, sporty and is sometimes mistaken for a boy because of her interest and her short pixie haircut. She soon falls for classmate and 'school idol' Dohoon who is a notorious playboy who is fond of Jinny, unknown to him that she is Ahjin. The story then follows the two as Ahjin's identity is revealed to first Dohoon, then everyone through a online scandal report. Ahjin's father, who lectures at a university in England, catches wind of Ahjin's modelling and secret identity, and forces her to quit modelling and acting. It is later revealed that Ahjin's mother was killed by a freak accident while acting, but Ahjin's father soon realises that Ahjin is meant to model and allows her to pursue her career. I quite liked the art, I thought it was quite cute, and the story of the secret identity was quite interesting. I didn't like any of the male characters though. I also have no clue what happened for the latter part of the story, mainly because the scans didn't make much sense, so I had no clue what really happened.

Anyway, that's about it for now, until next time :)

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