Sunday, 16 September 2012

A Very Bad Day in the Life of...

Me! So, I thought I would post something that I wrote that I thought is funny now, but definately not at the time it happened. So some background info, my sister's boyfriend was staying at our house for the night, and this is what happened the next morning when I woke up. Although the events were true, the tone of the conversation is completely sarcastic

"Oh, it is f*****g on!! Get up coz I have uni at some bulls**t early time, so I'm already in a s**t mood, then I make my cereal, coz that's my routine, open the fridge, there is no milk!! Look around to see what has happened to said milk. Sisters boyfriend has used all the milk for his own cereal. It's not like it was a small amount of milk, it was a good half litre, which is more than enough for two bowls of cereal, but that mother f****r used it all. Now there is a bowl of used milk sitting in the sink and a very angry me. Why must I suffer like this in my own house!
so after the cereal saga, I want to go to the bathroom so I could brush my teeth and do all the stuff I need to do to get ready. Sisters boyfriend had been in the bathroom since I woke up which, was a good 20 minutes ago. Not only does this f****r take all my milk, but he is now depriving me of my basic 3 is about to begin.
For the record, there was soymilk in the fridge, but soymilk tastes like someone has drank it, spatbit back out, pissed in it and put it back in the fridge
And the is only one slice of for breakfast I can either have one slice of toast or half a sandwich. Why must I deal with this bulls**t."
As you can see, I have censored it for obvious reasons.

Anyways, busy weekend just passed with me working and other commitments as such, so I really haent done anything else other than eat sleep, and work, I feel like I am a zombie.

Anyways, thats about it for now, until next time :)

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