Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mid-Semester Break

Ok, so even if it only a week, I am glad to be getting a break...on the plus side, I don't have to go to uni, on the downside, all my assessments are due straight after I get this is bad...looks like my week off just went bye bye...

Unfortunately, my life has just been pretty standard lately, in terms of reading, nothing new, I am alternating between Komatta Toki nu wa Hoshi ni Kike and Ouke no Monshou (Crest of the Royal Family), which are both extremely long series, Ouke no Monshou is listed at 57 volumes on hiatus, which means it might not even be finished yet...luckily no where near all of it is scanlated just yet, so no worries for me at the moment...

Anyways, watch this space, something interesting might come up, especially after the weekend, or next Tuesday, when me and my friends do shenanigans in amigos, the Mexican restaurant.

Until next time :)

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