Monday, 24 September 2012

Gangnam Style

Yes, I have jumped on the bandwagon! To be honest, everyone has been talking about it. It seems that everyone either loves it or hates it, so to quench my curiosity, I went onto Youtube to answer my questions... For the hell of it, here is one of many copies on youtube:

There a few things... Firstly, is this legit. Like is this a serious thing, or is it like the Lonely Island who just take the piss out of everything. I don't speak Korean, so I have no clue what the hell is going on except for the words 'Gangnam style' and 'sexy lady'. I have looked up translation lyrics and it doesn't make sense!! What the hell am I reading. I actually think that this is a serious attempt at music that just doesn't quite look right.

Another thing, I reckon this guy in Gangnam Style is possibly the biggest pimp going around. Watching the video clip, he has all these hot as chicks dancing with him and around him. An the real world, this would not happen, hence why I think he is a pimp. Also the elevator bit is just plain suss...

Anyways, I just had to rant about it, until next time :)

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