Saturday, 8 September 2012


Haha, After the week I have had, I felt like one! It has been so busy that when I got home last night I was walking around my house like a gremlin because it hurt everywhere...That's what you get when you work a job that needs you standing for 10 hours straight, but enough about that...

Despite the fact that I had to crawl to my front door last night, some good came out of the day, and that is Sydney Swans winning their qualifying final which means they get to play for a spot in the grand final! Yay! Made even better by the fact that I got to work and watch it (not live, only on television) at the same time...makes my day slightly better.

Still Watching Marmalade Boy, started watching part two the other day (there are three parts) so I am not even half way still. I love how over dramatized everything is. You got the dramatic music in the background and everything takes longer because just as something is about to happen the shot changes to another angle so you have to wait a few more seconds and then it changes again and then you have to wait a few more seconds...Gosh, if they just got to the point instead of showing the same thing 6 different times, you could fit a lot more story, not that I am complaining, because it is a good show, but I guess that's just how things were done in the 90's.

Moving on, I have read what is available in English (so about 13 chapters) of Mok Yuna's Honeymoon Diary. From my understanding there is a prequel, but that doesn't exist in the English scanlated world. Just like any other manhwa I have read, it pretty much involves the male and female lead belting the crap out of one another, although this one involves some technique as martial arts is involved. Basically Mok Yuna's mother owns a dojang and is hell bent on making Mok Yuna the heir,but she has no interest, instead wanting to become a housewife of sorts. Her mother places the dojang above her daughter, and marries her off to some Jiang Jin (I think that is his name) and thus the story begins...After 13 chapters this is pretty much all that has happened, but hey, what do yo expect when it is 13 volumes long?!

Anyway, that's about it for now, until next time :)

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