Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Spring Time of the Year

Hey Hey! Spring has finally hit Melbourne, such lovely weather, unfortunately we receed back into winter by Friday with it going back to 15 degrees, so I am going to enjoy the weather while it lasts, seeing as 90% of my wardrobe is ideal for spring.

So, I have recently read Ocha Nigosu, which is a shounen series, which is different from my usual demographic, I thought I would broaden my horizons. It's quite funny, it's about Funabashi, a delinquent known as devil-ma, who wants to quits the delinquent to live a more LOHAS life by joining the Tea Ceremony club. For those who don't know LOHAS means "Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability", so I thought it was kind of funny. Basically, the rest of the series is how Funabashi tries to change his ways in order to be 'a Lohas type of guy' but still manages to find himself in trouble in the delinquent circle. I thought it's quite comedic, especially the exchanges between Funabashi and Kaho (another member of the tea ceremony club), whom Funabashi refers to as a 'stray dog'. Anyway, 7 volumes are currently scanlated into English, but is complete in Japanese with 11 volumes...so watch this space

Not much else to talk about really, so until next time :)

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