Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Stupid Everything

Seriously! With uni and work and getting ready for Armageddon this weekend, I have had like no down time! I just want to sleep. In fact I have been rather naughty and have started skipping uni so I can catch up on sleep, but don't worry, I only need 9% on my exam to actually pass the exam, which is open book, so I think I am safe!

Anyway, yes! Armageddon is this weekend in Melbourne, and my outfit is almost ready, wig and all, I just need some vampire teeth, which I thought would be easy to acquire seeing as every twelve year old wants to be a vampire like Edward. But never fear, my vampire fangs have been inspired by anime rather than that!

Anyways, on to manga, and I have started reading Sakamichi no Apollon, although I haven't read much of it yet, I am sure it will absolutely be awesome, mainly because it is Josei, so something for the more mature of us. I quite like it because as sad as it is to admit, the only josei I have read is mainly smut. More about that, and Amakusa 1637 in the next update (maybe, if I'm not too lazy).

Also, I have been watching Fushigi Yugi anime recently. I don't know if i have mentioned this before so I just thought I might say so...Anyways I am about halfway through the main series, but in saying that, I do plan to read the OVA's (eikoden, i don't know if that is right, I am too lazy to check) afterwards. Thoughts on that later.

Anyways, that's about it for now, until next time :)

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