Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Shanimuni GO

So, as previously mentioned I have read Shanimuni GO by Ragawa Marimo, well what's released of it. I found out that it was 32 volumes long and completed but only 7 volumes have been scanlated and released in English. So Shanimuni GO is about Ide Nobuhisa (who will now be just Ide) and Takita Ruui, both 1st year high school students who joined their school's tennis team. 

Ide was a track star in middle school, but after an encounter with high schooler Hinako, he attends her school in the hopes of learning tennis from her. Ruui is a junior ranked tennis player who had previously given up on tennis, only to start again in high school. So Ide starts high school, but can't find Hinako, mainly because he read her name wrong (kanji), but anyway he joins the tennis club. Ide, who has never played tennis before quickly develops his skills on certain aspects (such as the ground strokes) but struggling in others (serve and netplay). Anyway, Ide and Ruui are paired together in the first tournament of the school year with success (I think they won the first tournament they were in). Ruui also takes out the singles tournament quite easily. 

The boys continued to practice and at the next tournament they are knocked out in the second round by the national champions, but only lose in a tiebreak. Ruui again has individual success, I think he gets to the quarter finals before losing (?) To be honest I can't really remember because there was quite  a few tournaments and I can't remember what happened when. 

Anyway, at the next tournament, Ruui was knocked out in the first round, shocking Ide, but the two decide to continue to work hard in order to do better next year in singles and doubles. In the meanwhile Ide receives tips from Hinako, who is now is in his class as Hinako was held back a year due to a car accident which has left her with a paralyzed leg. The team also gets a new coach, but I can't remember what his name was, and wikipedia does not have a page on this. So I will say that I am I am quite enjoying this series and it will be a while until I reach the end.  

Anyways, that's about it for now, until next time :)

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