Friday, 3 August 2012

Nothing to Say

Umm...I wish I had more to talk about...but there really is nothing...

On to the Olympics. Have to say that I am rather disappointed in Australia at the moment, only 1 gold medal. We are crazy good at getting silver, we have 9 of those, if there was no such thing as gold we would be nailing it! In all honesty though, the fun has gone out of the Olympics because its America and China, then a huge gap to the rest of the world. I think those two countries should have their own version of the Olympics, just to make it fair on us other countries, who, if we lose, 90% of the time is to competitors from these two countries. On the flip side, Australia will nail it in Rio, a lot of up and coming athletes which should be ready to go come four years time.

I have also read recently the first 4 and a half volumes of Rasetsu no Hana (because that is all that is scanlated). I was kind of hesitant at first, because it didn't look that great, but looks were deceiving. I found the story quite refreshing to a typical shoujo manga. It is somewhat dark as it does deal with death and the afterlife but it's not sad as such.  The story is about Rasetsu, an 18 year old woman who is cursed to be taken by the demon on her 20th birthday due to his mad obsessive love of her. There is a way to stop the demon from claiming Rasetsu and that is if she finds someone who mutually loves her before this same deadline (typical shoujo ploy lol). We are introduced to two male leads to form the love triangle, Kuryuu and Yakou. The story focuses on these three as they work together, all of whom have spiritual powers to help exorcise rogue spirits. The format is set out so it is one spirit per chapter sort of thing, but some spirits (the really bad ones, get two/three) while all in the meanwhile Rasetsu tries to figure out her feelings, as Kuryuu likes her but she likes Yakou more, Yakou is do you say...DENSE!! Anyway, it is a good story, depending on which character you like, it may be considered a tragedy (I know the ending, one of the main three characters die!)

At the moment I am slowly making my way through Paradise Kiss, which is the sequal to Gokinjo Monogatari, so it should be an excellent read!

Anyway, that's about it for now, until next time :)

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