Sunday, 12 August 2012

Just another 4 years to go

So, it is the last day of the Olympics, so I only need to wait another four years until Brazil...Seems so long away, but I said the same thing after Beijing and the time just flew by. Congratulations to all who have participated and even did well enough to medal in their chosen events, I know for a fact that I am not capable of doing some of the things they do (especially the gymnasts and divers doing their flips and shit).

Been a busy week, getting back into the swing of things at uni, especially working, something that I wasn't doing last semester, so I have found it very ovverwhelming working as much as I have. Speaking of working, I got a bit upset about a shift I did recently. Someone used the bistro as a location to hold a birthday party. The party was for about 80 people, but what really got me going was the fact it was for a one year old, but the fact that they spent more than $3000 for a birthday party for a one year old. I understand that it is a big deal, but why would you spend that much money, I feel that that money could be better invested in that child, going towards their education or something worthwhile. Also, they made me make them like 50 coffees. I am a bartender, I specialize in alcohol, not coffee, if you want your decaf skinny caramel latte I suggest you go to a cafe, mainly because we have neither decaf or caramel.

I am currently reading Basara, up to volume 15 of 27, and it is rather intriguing, it is full of dramatic irony, so I am sitting here waiting for the plot to unfold. I like how I know things the characters dont, and the reactions they have when they discover the truth. More to come so watch this space. The author of Basara is starting a new series this month, so I will be looking at that one when I get the chance.

Anyways, that's about it for now, until next time :)

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