Monday, 23 July 2012

Withdrawl Symptons

Now that the Tour de France has ended, my night times no longer have any decent sport for me to watch...until Friday when the Olympics start. I know complaining on the lack of sport which will last 4 and a half days is pointless, but I have no idea what I used to watch at this time a night. After the Olympics end and the US open has been played in August, I will be seriously screwed. At that point I might just crawl into a hole for the next 8 months until Wimbledon 2013 starts.

Speaking of the Tour de France, courtesy of the SBS coverage, I had to sit through the most painful montage of footage of Bradley Wiggins and his yellow jersey and his awful sideburns accompanied to the worst song ever made=Yellow by Coldplay. I wish I could unsee/unhear this

In terms of other stuff, nothing much has happened lately, other than plenty of working and a night in which I vaguely remember watching the Lion King while intoxicated, just so I could sing a long to the songs...for the record, I actually don't drink all that much, mainly because I am a broke uni student

In terms of reading, I have been reading Angel Sanctuary, which is taking a bloody long time! It's just a lazy 20 volumes long, which I am only up to volume 6, to be honest I would be surprised if I finish it before the end of this week. Thus far, I have found it rather confusing because there are so many characters, and because of the storyline, a lot of them look like each other, so half the time I have no clue what I am even reading. It is quite a mature read, it has a lot of religious context (such as the concept of heaven and hell and sinning) war and incest (an interesting trio combination if you ask me). I did find the first few volumes painfully boring to read and nearly gave up, but it does get a lot more interesting after the first story arc ends, which is about 2-3 volumes in.

Anyway, that is about it for now, a rather short update, until next time :)

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