Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Nothing Much Doing

So, I'm still waiting for the start of the Olympics, seems it can't come quick enough. In the meantime, I have had very little entertainment, well, not completely, like 99% of people, I have seen the new batman movie. I must say, without spoiling it for the few people who haven't seen it, it is surprisingly good. You know when your friends see a movie before you and they build it up about how good it is and then when you see it, it doesn't live up to the expectation that your friends made you believe it was? Yeah, that totally didn't happen, it was as awesome as everyone says it was. Also without giving away too much again, I think that after the release of the Superman movie in 2013 (yes, because the last one was just oh so successful, anyone even remember the guy who played Superman in that one, I sure don't) that the producers of these films will probably look at expanding the batman series by making a film about Robin. I don't know, the ending was kind of open from that perspective, leaving the possibility that perhaps in the future, there will be more movies in the franchise.

So other than batman, my life has been kind of dull. I mean, I am still working heaps, which means my bank account can't complain! In terms of Angel Sanctuary, I am only half way, or 10 volumes through. It is quite a slow read, it does have a lot of text and the plot line is somewhat complex and intricate so it takes a while to read a chapter. I am kind of getting what is happening at the moment, but still a bit confusing. I feel that the main story has kind of been overtaken by the sub plot at the moment, the main story being Setsuna's quest to search heaven and hell for the soul of his sister Sara, but for the last 2-3 volumes it has been  more about Kirai, who has been assisting Setsuna and her story. I guess this is her arc, but it's still going, and for not even being a protagonist as such, I feel 20 chapters is way too long. The arc also doesn't look like it is going to end anytime soon either. Oh well, nothing I can do to change the story.

Anyway, that's about it for now, until next time :)

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