Sunday, 29 July 2012

Angel Sanctuary and Olympics

Oh my Tacos!! The Olympics have finally started and I am so happy. I have already become a recluse for the next few weeks, as living in Australia, all the best stuff is in the middle of the night. However this is not a problem for me seeing as I am usually up all hours of the morning anyway. A few kudos I have to say, Congratulations to the Women's 4x100 Swimming Relay Team, for not only winning Australia's first medal of 2012, but also Australia's first Gold medal, what a great strike rate. And I also have to say congratulations to Vinokurov from Khazakstan for winning the road race before he retires at the end of the year. A gold medal is a great way to end any career. People were a bit disappointed when he one because he was caught and banned for 2 years for returning a positive drug test, but unless he turns in positive samples at the Olympics then I think there is nothing wrong with it.

Onto Angel Sanctuary by Yuki Kaori, I finally finished it, and I am glad I stuck with it and finished reading it. It is pretty violent, a lot of the characters die, and there are a lot of moments where I sat there with absolutely no clue what was going on. The story is about Setsuna and Sara, who are brother and sister. The first few volumes set up the story, where Setsuna is told that he is a reincarnation of the organic angel Alexial who hold the key to stopping the impending apocalypse that will destroy Earth.  At this point, one of the Antagonists, Rocial, the inorganic Angel and Alexial's twin brother awakens after being sealed within the Earth for centuries. Rocial immediately starts to look for his sister in order to fulfill his plan. During this time, Setsuna and Sara decide to act on their incestuous feelings for one another (yes, it is an incest series) by running away. They decide to return home, but on the way back, they encounter Katan, one of Rocial's servants (more like hitman). They try to kill Setsuna in order to kill Alexial who is dormant inside him and continue the cycle that all of Alexial's reincarnations suffer a short life and painful death, however, Sara breaks this cycle and changes the future by covering for Setsuna, being killed herself.At this point, Alexial awakens within Setsuna, causing a large scale demolition of the world. Adam Kadmon, the Holy Hermit, through an astral projection, descends to Earth to freeze time in order to delay and hopefully avoid the apocalypse.

The next arc is how Setsuna puts himself in a state of temporary death (basically he committed suicide) to battle through the ghouls of Hades in order to reclaim Sara's soul and bringing her back to life. Once in Hades, he meets  Katou, a senpai who was killed by Setsuna through a series of events. Together they battle through Hades until they find Uriel, the angel of Earth (element, not the planet) who works there on the reincarnation process. He informs Katou and Setsuna that and Angel from heaven has already claimed her soul and taken it with him. This means Setsuna must return to Earth before his body ends temporary death and actually dies, however just before he returns, an accident causes the sword in him to be removed, meaning his temporary death ends, leaving Setsuna's body in a state of permanent death. Fortunately, Setsuna's soul transfers into Alexial's original body.

The next arc follows two stories. The first is Kirai, an evil princess (evil is species of demon, not the adjective) who falls in love with Setsuna. This part of the arc deals with her feelings for Setsuna and what she would do for him to ensure his happiness. Kirai ultimately chooses to sacrifice her freedom and marry the demon lord Lucifer in order to give Setsuna a chance to return to his original body. The second part of this story is how Setsuna goes to hell to get Kirai back, because he believes everyone should be happy. The other part of the arc focuses on Sara's soul awakening in heaven, being heard by Metatron who has the ability to read dreams. Eventually, Sara's soul finds it's way into Gabriel, the angel of water who had been in a state of slumber for many centuries. The two tangents of the story meet up when Gabriel/Sara, along with the wind and fire angels, Raphael and Michael help fuse Setsuna's spirit back into his original body after he and Kirai return from hell.

Anyway, I think I will leave it there and continue another time, but that's about it, until next time :)

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