Monday, 16 July 2012

Good to be Home Part 1

Ok, so instead of writing a massive entry, I have decided to write two shorter ones over two days...

Firstly, I must say it is good to be home! I missed my bed, the one I used while I was away may as well have been a slab of concrete, so I didn't get to relax through the pain the bed caused.

So for my holiday, I went to New South Wales where I use to live until I was 15 years old, so I have a lot of family and friends there. I got to see all my relatives and friends while I was there, so although it was very busy, I accomplished my goal of the holiday. So what did I do?

Despite being a holiday with the purpose of visiting friends and family, it turned more into a holiday about food, constantly going to cafe's and restaurants. I went with one of my friends to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, and I can say it definitely filled it's purpose of selling chocolate! We both got a chocolate souffle, which I was kind of disappointed with, because as the name suggested, it was actually NOT a souffle, but more a pudding. It was a very heavy pudding, where as souffle's are meant to be light and fluffy. I am disappointed in this advertising. I also had with it the Italian Thick Hot Chocolate, and it was definitely thick, I am pretty sure it was just a glass of melted chocolate than an actual drink. That night, I went to dinner with my grandparents and the local golf club, as they do so every other Friday. I ordered a schnitzel, as nothing else on the menu really caught my interest (well the lunch menu did, but I can't have the lunch menu for dinner). What I got was a massive mountain of food stacked on a plate. Somehow I managed to complete my meal, however, I feel that I ate veal schnitzel rather than the promised chicken schnitzel.

The following day, I had lunch with my mother while we were out shopping together. It's one of our favourite cafe's and it certainly didn't disappoint us, especially because we got our meal for a cheaper than expected price :). That night, I went to Amigos, a Mexican restaurant with another friend before a night out on the town. We were taken to god knows where in the restaurant, past the kitchen and to the outside seated area (in the middle of winter). I ordered a tequila mockingbird cocktail, which was nice other than the fact that it was three quarters ice, and the meal I ordered was a chipotle chicken chimichunga, but unfortunately, I don't think that is what I got. What U got had the same look and texture as tuna, and it definitely was not chipotle like advertised.

Moving onto the Sunday, I had a 3 course lunch at my Aunt's house, which included a nice but hideous looking soup and some excellent desserts! I actually don't know what I ate during the meal, but I assume it wasn't poisoned or anything because clearly I am still alive. That night, me and my friends went for our traditional Hogsbreath dinner (we always go there when I am there). I decided to have the cheese burger in paradise, as I was sick of ordering chicken when I clearly was not getting chicken. It was nice, but I failed to eat my meal, because after all the food that was presented to me at lunch, there was just no way. At least it was moderately priced, so it didn't really matter.

Other escapades that happened while I was away included a night on the town with my friends. Compared to Melbourne, going out is comparably cheaper, and I love the the club we went to had 'gourmet' shooters and cocktails, something that usually isn't done in pure nightclubs and only in bars in Melbourne. I came across a wonderful liqueur called 'Vok' (I think that might be the brand of it) which is purple in colour and tastes like musticks, definitely the discovery of the night! Unfortunately, it was not all good, two people I was with decided to get into a 'cat fight' with other club-goers, resulting with them getting kicked out and us having to go look for them because one of my other friends became their purse minder. I don't understand the mentality of going to a club and looking for a fight, but these two girls I was with definitely went out with that mentality. I have a feeling that their pre drinks may have involved some illicit drugs, as their behavior was definitely unusual by anyone's standards.

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