Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Good to be Home Part 2

First day back at work today, and what a day! We had a Christmas in July function which meant I got to work with our Elvis Impersonator. The highlight of my day was when I handed him his cuppacino and did the trademark 'thank you, thank you very much!' A good day was had by all.

Anyway, a bit more of my escapades on  my holiday, a friend and I went to the movies to see Seth MacFarlane's new film 'Ted'. I have to say, it was surprisingly good, almost like a live action Family Guy of sorts. Of course it stars Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis, who voices Meg in family guy, but it also stars Seth MacFarlane as the voice of Ted. There are also a lot of cameo's by the voice actors of Family Guy including Patrick Warburton and Alex Borstein. It was definitely a good comedy, but at the same time, definitely not one for the kiddies, there is a lot of sexual innuendo and a lot of pop culture jokes. Anyway, I thought it was a good laugh and a film I would recommend.

That's about it in regards for my trip, so moving on to the usual, I have read Lemon Planet by Megumi Hazuki. So far, there is only three chapters scanlated and I have no idea how long the original is or if it it still ongoing in Japan. Anyway the story is about Karin, a high school student who has wanted nothing more than to become the bride of her childhood friend Saku. Saku has recently moved to attend university and has returned for summer vacation. Karin becomes anxious after Saku being away so long, as it seems that he has found a potential lover at his university. This causes Karin to inadvertently confess in public to Saku, saying that he should spend the summer to try to look at her as a woman. Saku tells Karin she should also stop looking at him as a childhood friend, as he may not be as kind as he seems. With only three chapters published thus far, that is about all that has happened. There is also Taku, the younger brother of Saku, I think he has a thing for Karin as well, so I think it will get quite messy, with the possibility of a love triangle. If that happens, I am going for Taku, because Saku is a jerk.

I have also read Evyione by Kim Young Hee. It is a Korean series, currently scanlated to the beginning of volume 6, and it has at least 9 volumes in Korean. Fundamentally it is the same storyline as the little mermaid with role reversals, so the female is a princess and the male is king of the mer-people. It is a lot more gruesome and mature themed than the Disney version I must say. The story starts of with the princess Evyione on a ship to celebrate her birthday. During the celebrations, a sea creature emerges and knocks several people, including Evyione into the see. The Mermaid King sees her and wants to make her his, so he asks the sea witch to allow him to live on the land. She does, but on the condition that 1. He will lose his voice 2. If he cannot win Evyione's love, then he will (it isn't said, but I think he will die). The merman goes through a painful transformation to take a human appearence and is found by Evyione in her mother's grave (it's like a monument). Evyione takes him back to the castle, where is considered a mute and a male prostitute given his appearance. From this point on, Yashin (the name given to the merman) learns to communicate through paper, and eventually becomes part of the royal guards in order to stay near Evyione, while Evyione goes through emotional turmoil as she struggles to understand her feelings for Yashin and her changing family circumstances (potential step-sibling who could take the throne, arranged marriage etc). Anyway, that's pretty much where the story is up to for now, it is quite interesting and I will certainly read new chapters when they are released.

Also, I have been watching the Tour de France, and I must say I am rather disappointed with the behavior of some people. I am sure that everyone knows about how tacks were thrown onto the road the other night. I was watching it on television, and I can not believe that there are people who are capable of endangering the safety of not only the participants of the Tour de France, but also the team  and race officials. All up, there was an estimated total of 48 flat tyres on cyclist bikes and team cars over the stage, with one rider even having to abandon due to an accident caused by the tacks. I am all about sportsmanship and this kind of behavior, probably done by a spectator is just in poor taste. It takes away the spectacle of the race by bringing the sport into disrepute.

I am glad to say that my footytips have gone back to form. I got 7 this week, and I am also a very happy chappy that my Sydney Swans remain first on the AFL ladder with a 50 point demolition of West Coast Eagles in Perth, no mean feat as the Eagles are one of the best teams when at their home ground. Is it time for another Premiership for the swans perhaps? I am hoping so!

Anyway, that's about it for now, until next time :)

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