Saturday, 1 December 2012

Airconditioners will be the death of me

Sigh, Why oh why does the air conditioner at work have to break down during the hottest/busiest time of the year? Because it has to, that's why! Feels like I spend hours in a Sauna whenever I have to work. But it's okay, because according to the patrons, it is my personal fault that the air conditioner is not working...

Moving on, had to do a mass insect extermination of my room today, because of the sudden change in temperature and numerous rain storms, A family of small spiders have chosen to take up residence in the vent that leads to my room. This would explain why I have been bitten multiple times in the past week. Clearly, as I am still alive, they weren't venomous, because if they were, then it might be a bit of an issue.

Unfortunately, I still haven't really read anything worth mentioning, mainly because it has only been a few chapters long, or it was really bad. I am currently half way through 50 rules for teenagers which is a manhwa series, so I will talk about that one next time, but until then :)

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