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Majo no Koi wa Kindan to Haitoku de Tsukurareru

Wah! So busy, even though I am all prepared for Christmas, it seems that others aren't as I am flat out with work. Being December everyone is coming to have their functions at my work. First time I have ever run out of wine glasses, jugs and car parks (and our car park is HUGE!!). Here's hoping I don't have to deal with New Years.

Moving on, I am going to talk about a one shot that I got lucky and got to typeset it and has yet to be released (although hopefully it will be soon), so I thought I might share it with you (Or at least tell what it is about). The one shot is called Majo no Koi wa Kindan to Haitoku de Tsukurareru (yes, quite the mouthful) and it is by Kawamaru Shin. Quite a long one shot, about 90 pages long.

The oneshot starts with a cat roaming the streets when it comes across a young boy called Ryou who asks why she (the cat) is pretending to be a cat. It is revealed that the cat is actually the witch Marika and that this is the first time she has encountered someone who could tell that she was not in fact a cat. Marika's younger sister, who is also a witch reminds her that it is taboo for a witch to interfere with the human cycle of life and death. Aware of this, Marika follows Ryou home one day, where she witnesses a dispute between the young Ryou and his mother over why Ryou. Ryou comments saying that he can't purchase alcohol for his mother without money (not to mention it is illegal). Ryou's mother then blames Ryou for all her misfourtune, stating that 'than man' (Ryou's father) would not have left if he wasn't born and was better off without him. Ryou's mother then attempts to kill Ryou by strangling him. Trying to call for help, Marika, still observing, breaks the taboo and helps Ryou by causes a pile of boxes to fall onto his mother, killing her.

Ryou notices it is the same cat as before and Marika reveals that she is a witch. As a result for breaking the taboo of interfering with the human life and death cycle. As a result, Marika is exiled from the Witches world and is stranded in the human world. Marika's younger sister tells her to always follow three rules: 1. Don't let anyone realize your a witch, 2. Do not mingle (have sex with) humans and 3. Do not use magic, then the door to the witches world may one day open for her again. After the death of Ryou's mother, Ryou takes Marika in as his sister and the two begin to live in an orphanage.

10 Years pass, and Ryou is now a highschool student. He has since been adopted by a company executive who sees the potential in Ryou to become his heir. Ryou accepts on the condition that the man also adopts Marika and provides her with an education (as she is a witch, she is not registered, thus ineligable to attend school in the human world). The two live in a luxurious mansion and have since begun playing "make-believe" (because they can't have sex, they 'play' with each other). Their adopted father dislikes the closeness of the relationship between Ryou and Marika, constantly telling Marika to seperate herself from her brother.

At school, it is revealed that Ryou is at the top of his class and target of the girls affections. Meanwhile, Marika is being tutored at home. Ryou returns home and walks in on Marika's tutor touching her shoulder. Ryou immediately fires the tutor because he believes that it isn't necessary for the tutor to physically touch a student in any way, sexual or not. Ryou then takes Marika and throws her on the bed and starts to "make-believe"again, although he gets aggressive and hurts Marika.

Marika states that since that day, Ryou has changed. The scene changes to a love hotel, where Ryou is with a girl (presumedly from school), having sex. During the process, Ryou says Marika's name instead of the name of the girl he is with. When Ryou returns home late, His adoptive father wishes to discuss something with Ryou/ Meanwhile, Marika sneaks into Ryou's room as Ryou has not allowed her to do so recently. Ryou tells Marika to leave, and informs her that he was asked to get a fiance, which he initially turned down. Marika states that she understands that Ryou will one day have a fiance/wife and that they should stop playing make-believe.

Meanwhile, A relative of Ryou's adoptive father inquires if things with Ryou are going well, in which he replies that he may have to leave the company to him (the relative he is talking to) as he may not get a favourable answer. Back at the house, Marika answers the door and it is Ryou's classmate (the one he had sex with) returning his phone. A maid is heard calling Marika, and the girl at the door freaks out over that Ryou called out his sister's name during sex. Marika is happy about this, and ultimately decides that it's okay for her to have sex with Ryou as being with him is what she really wants, even if she has to receive further punishment as a result. Ryou declines, saying if she is punished with death, then it is better for them not to progress than for her to potentially disappear.

Ryou decides to follow his adoptive father's request to take a fiance. Meanwhile, Marika's little sister is able to visit Marika for the first time since her exile. Little sister informs Marika that the door to the witches world will open on the next full moon. Ryou's adoptive father tells his nephew of his decision to keep Ryou as his heir since he has accepted the engagement. The nephew is angry over the decision and pushes the director into oncoming traffic. He gets hit by a car. Ryou and Marika are informed of the accident as just as Ryou is about to head to the hospital, an intruder can be heard in the house.

The intruder is the nephew who injured the director, and he is now attempting to burn down the house, killing Ryou as a hopeful result. The nephew attempts to stab Ryou, but Ryou defends himself by kneeing his opponent in the stomach. The nephew then attempts to harm Marika, as it would make Ryou miserable. Ryou covers Marika, and as a result, Marika uses her magic to avoid Ryou getting killed. The nephew is now dead as a result.

Marika then restates her desire to be embraces by Ryou, saying she will gladly take any punishment. It is revealed that because Marika used her magic, the door, along with the full moon never came, meaning that Marika never returned to the witches world. She states that she would never be forgiven for committing another taboo while in exile, but that she isn't scared. While Ryou embraces Marika for the first time for reals, he tells her that he will always be with her forever. While this is happening, the mansion is being engulfed in flames.

The scene changes to three children who ask what happened next, and the story teller replies 'I don't know'. The story teller is Marika's younger sister, who says that since the first time Marika was embraced by Ryou, she (the little sister) was no longer able to sense her (Marika's) presence. The children ask questions such as 'did she disappear' and 'is she living in the human world'. The little sister replies that this is a story from hundreds of years ago. One of the children thinks that the story is quite romantic and wanders off to the human world. Transformed as a cat, a human asks 'Why are you pretending to be a cat?' with the final narration 'One day, the door will open. Until that day...END

I actually have quite a few thoughts about this, firstly, is the adoptive father alive or did he die in is accident!! On a more serious note, with the ending, I think it implies one of two scenarios. The first being that Ryou and Marika died as they embraced each other in the burning mansion, with the unknown person asking 'why are you pretending to be a cat' and the young child-witch being their respective reincarnations. This would make sense as the last words would imply that Marika was able to be reborn into the witches world, meaning that the door to that world had finally opened for her again. The second scenario being that Ryou and Marika escaped from the mansion. The little sister says that she was no longer able to sense Marika once she was embraced by Ryou, so maybe having sex with a human, the punishment for a witch that has an infinate lifespan is life as a human? With this scenario the person who asks 'why are you pretending to be a cat' could be a decendant of Ryou and Marika, as they too said the exact same thing that Ryou said to Marika in the beginning. The last narration saying that Marika will wait for the door to open again could also mean that if she gets to be with Ryou, she is happy to wait for the door to open for however long it takes, even if she can't ever go back. I think either of these scenarios are possible, but preferably, I'd pick the second, mainly because I am a 'glass half full' kind of person.

Anyways, that's about it for now (kind of long) but until next time :)

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