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Ryouko no Shinrei Jikenbo

I honestly can't be bothered to put much effort into updating this blog anymore, it's just to hard to find the time, especially if I'm working more shifts a week than there are days. Anyways, here is one of the series that I have hoaded. It is Ryouko no Shinrei Jikenbo by Chie Shinohara, a short series by her standards, only 4 volumes long, but enjoy.

The story starts off with the protagonist Ryouko finding her beloved pet cat has drowned in the bath tub. Initially shocked, Ryouko ponders at how unusual it was for her cat, Pow, to die by drowning when it was afraid of water. Ryouko and her family bury the cats' remains in the back yard. That night, Ryouko starts hearing strange noises, only to find her dead cat floating in mid-air, although he is no longer dead. Pow has now been possessed by a spirit who was seperated from his body (the body is still alive) and needs help finding his body. He believes that Ryouko has a strong spiritual power, as she is able to communicate with the possessed pow when no one else can. 

The man reveals that he also can not remember who he was before he was seperated from his body. At first, Ryouko doesn't believe him, but after a few encounters with some less-than-friendly spirits that attempt to harm both herself and Pow, Ryouko has no choice but to trust Pow and search for his body. After a while, Ryouko and her family move back into the house where Ryouko and her brother were born  (they left after the death of their father) and begin to encounter a hostile spirit that nearly kills Ryouko.In the meantime, Pow remembers that his name is Taku and that he was living alone in an appartment when he got seperated from his body. It soon appears that there is a second spirit lingering in the house. 

One night, Ryouko is able to see one of the two spirits, and it is revealed that the second spirit was Ryouko's father trying to protect her. Ryouko's father warns he saying that these spirits are after both her and Pow/Taku as they have the potential to seal the evil spirits. The spirit continues saying that if it's Taku, everything should be fine, then disappears. The evil spirit in the house attacks again, but it is finally beaten in the end. Afterwards, Ryouko has a strange encounter with a person whom she was involved in an accident with. The two quickly become friends, and for a while it is believed this friend was a boy, making Pow jealous. It is revealed that the friend is indeed a girl, and is in fact, Taku's younger sister. 

Pow suspects that this can't be a coincidence, and he is right when it is revealed that Taku's sister has been possessed and attempts to kill them. Taku manages to exocise the spirit from his sister, and she continues her friendship with Ryouko. This friendship allows Taku and Ryouko to search his home for clues, but are unable to find any. Ryouko then leaves to attend a school field trip. Once at the hotel, she notices some strange things, and then her room-mates/friends are possessed by the spirits of school girls who died in an accident at the hotel 5 years prior. As the girls attempt to kill Ryouko and the teleported Pow (yes, the cat can teleport), the 'boss' spirit appears and it is revealed that it is the same spirit responsible for Taku's disappearence. 

Somehow, Taku and Ryouko manage to escape once again. After returning home, a stray cat appears on Ryoukos doorstep and Ryouko and her family decide to adopt it. Pow is suspicious of the cat, but Ryouko believes it is an ordinary cat as she can't sense any spiritual powers from it. Pow says that strong spirits can disguise themselves and he feels a strange sense of deja vu. After some time, it is revealed that the cat is in fact the 'boss' spirit, the one who seperated Taku's body and spirit. While chasing Nero (boss), Taku kisses Ryouko, and immediately after this, Ryouko sees a bright shining light, believing it to be where Taku's body and Nero may be. She follows that light and arrives at an amusement park. 

Taku has possessed Ryouko's brother in the meanwhile. Once at the amusement park, Ryouko loses control of her body and is forcibly led into to the grounds. Taku then arrives and the two search for Taku's body. Eventually, they find the body, but after a fight with Nero and his minions, they, along with Taku's body retreat. Afterwards, Ryouko has a dream of a mountain and believes that this is the new location of Taku's body. she convinces her mother to let her go to the mountain in search for the body with her brother and Taku's sister. 

Once at the campsite, Ryouko and gang go searching for the body. It isn't long before they run into trouble with Ryouko and Pow falling into a crevasse. It is there that they once again find Taku's body frozen in the mountain. After another fight with the spirits, the body becomes dislodged and unfrozen, with Pow, Ryouko and the body falling to the bottom of the monutain. When she comes to, Ryouko notices that Taku's spirit isn't within Pow or Taku. It is believed that Taku is dead by his family and they plan to have his body cremated. Ryouko then uses her spiritual power to be sucked into the spiritual world in an attempt to save Taku. In the spiritual world, Ryouko finds Taku, but she is unable to save him, until she too seperated her soul from her body and the two kiss (this seems to unleash some sort of power). 

Afterwards, Taku returns to his body and Ryouko to hers. It is believed that all is over, until the spirits once again attempt to kill Taku and Ryouko. This time, the spirit possesses Taku's body, forcing Taku's soul back to Pow's body. The two are about the drowned at sea when a spirit saves them.The spirit that saves them is none other than Ryouko's father. Then there is some strange explanation as to why the spirits want Ryouko and Taku dead (something to do with the numbers 12 and 13). Ryouko and Taku defeat the spirits once and for all, and can go back to leading a normal life (for now).

To be honest, it wasn't a great series, but it's Chie Shinohara, so it has merits on that alone. Anyway, that's about it for now. Until next time :)

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