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Akagami no Shirayukihime part 2

 Firstly, I have to say, I don't believe in this superstition stuff, I think that you have unlucky and lucky days, but the dates of these days is absolute BS! So instead of 12/12/12, Happy 346th day of the year!! In all seriousness though, I am very happy Christmas is coming, mainly because my shopping is done for the year and I get to watch everyone else suffer the last minute rush...moving on back to Akagami no Shirayukihime

When the test takes place, the Lord interferes by locking Shirayuki in a room and throwing the bird whistle into the lake. Shirayuki jumps from the room and as a result is injured in the lake. Despite all this, the Lord is captured for his attempted sabotage, and the bird used passes the test, meaning that the birds will no longer be hunted. After this incident, Zen kisses and confesses his romantic feelings for Shirayuki. At first, Shirayuki is startled but soon after she confesses her feeling in return. 

Meanwhile, Izana gets a letter from Tanburn, inviting Shirayuki to Raji's castle for a ball. Zen is not happy about the invitation, but allows Shirayuki to go on the condition that he may choose her escort.In the meantime, the man who kidnappted Shirayuki way back in the beginning goes to the main castle in Clarines and informs Zen that there is a pretty boy, around 13/14 years old, who is looking for Shirayuki. This alarms Zen and co, as the intentinos of this mysterious person are unknown. Everyone tries to gather information before Shirayuki leaves but are unable to do so. 

Shirayuki leaves for Tanburn and arrives with little issues. While there, Shirayuki tells Raji that she hopes to become better friends with him during her stay. This is misinterpreted by Raji's younger brother and sister, who attempt to turn the two into a romantic couple during her stay in Tanburn. Meanwhile, back in Clarines, Zen states his intentions of marrying Shirayuki to Izana. Information on the mysterious boy is soon found, and it is revealed that he is following Shirayuki to Tanburn. It is the day of the ball, and Shirayki is getting ready when the mysterious boy breaks into the Tanburn castle and kidnaps Shirayuki. During this process, Shirayuki is knocked out, and when she comes to, she is told that her kidnapper was kidnapped himself, meaning Shirayuki has been kidnapped twice. 

It is revealed that the two are on a boat owned by 'The Talon' a group of bandits who roam the sea/docks. It is revealed that the mysterious boy used to be a part of the Talon, before leaving and joining the 'Mountain Lions', the group that originally tried to kidnap Shirayuki. Meanwhile, Zen and company have arrived in Tanburn to assist in the search of Shirayuki. On their journey, they team up with the mountain lions, as they too have the common goal of eleminating the Talon. 

As part of their plan, Kiki is captured by the Talon to aid Shirayuki when they escape. This proves uneccesary as Raji uses the navy to block the Talon from sailing to their allies. Raji also gives Shirayuki the title of 'Friend of the Royal Palace'. As a result, the Talon flee to the hidden cave-dock, where they are again ambushed by Raji, Zen and company. After fighting Raji, Zen and the mountain lions succeed in their fight. The mountain lions invite the others back to their village where it is revealed that the chief/head is actually Shirayuki's father. After a night spent in the village, Raji, Zen, Shirayuki and the rest head back. Before Shirayuki, Zen and company leave to head back to Clarines, Raji makes a remark saying that next time, he may take Shirayuki for himself (again, but seriously instead of out of curiosity). 

Once everyone is back in Clarines, Izana is still frustrated with the situation between Zen and Shirayuki, mainly because Shirayuki does not have status. He then receives a letter from Raji with Shirayuki's official title of 'Friend of the Royal Palace' (yes, it was legit). This somewhat raises Shirayuki's status, but not to the level needed for Izana to accept her. Izana makes a point of this by telling Shirayuki that she has not stated her intentions to him as Zen has. But before Shirayuki can worry about that, she is informed that she will be leaving for pharmacist travels with Ryuu in the coming days. Shirayuki and Zen are seperated once again, and Shirayuki head norths with Ryuu. 

At their destination, Ryuu and Shirayuki begin to study various pharmacist and medicinal research available to them. Shortly after, a child displaying strange symptons is bought to Shirayuki and Ryuu and it is revealed that the number of people infected is rising. Izana also arrives where Ryuu and Shirayuki are, and informs them that he is going undercover as an assistant in order to observe the situation. Zen, Mitsuhide and Kiki also are headed north, but to deal with other issues which Izana could no longer tend to. Zen and Shirayuki meet again once the pharmicist research village goes into lockdown.

That's about it for now, don't know what's happening next (besides a lot of work for me) but until next time :)

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