Sunday, 10 June 2012

Weekends aren't for studying

I really hate accounting! Like with a passion, because I won't need it in the future because I have no desire to ever be an accountant. I don't understand why I have to do this accounting exam, especially when I have to spend my weekends studying. Oh I hate accounting! 3 more days until the suffering ends!

Also, thanks to a bunch of old men at the bar I work at, my bar/work name is now 'Dominica'. I have somehow been given a persona simply for working. How does this even happen. Whenever I leave for work now it is 'bye Dominica, see you later'. I am pretty sure I could be on my way to split personalities. Maybe I can use it as my stage name, Although I don't know why I need a stage name. Maybe I shall pen a book and write it under the name 'Dominica'? Watch this space maybe?

Also, I am very glad that my swannies didn't embarrass themselves by nearly losing after having a 48 point lead. I am annoyed at the number of Essendon supporters who 'blame the umpires' for their 4 point loss, but when you have more scoring shots than your opponent and you lose, then it is their own team's fault for their crap goal kicking. Honestly, with 2 goals and 15 behinds to 3 quarter time, then frankly, there is no-one else to blame but yourselves, so quit it.

Alright, so moving on, I have been reading Cinderella Fella by Kim Hee-Kyoung, which is a Manhwa series, Complete in Korean at 6 volumes and still ongoing in English scanlations, with scanlations currently at the first chapter of volume 6. As you can probably assume by the name, the story is a modern day adaption of the classic fairytale of Cinderella with a few changes. The male lead, Gyu Yun is the son and the heir of a womanizing company president who is the urge to clean anything he finds dirty. He is also the school council president and top ranked academically. His stepmother wants nothing more than to ensure that either of her two daughters succeed the company and will do anything to get rid of any obstacles. Gyu Yun meets and develops feelings for an interesting girl with an IQ of 180 who also has unkempt hair which Gyu Yun can't look away (he wants to fix her messy hair!!), who is actually quite pretty with her hair done (not in messy braids) and without her glasses. The plot thickens when Gyu Yun is told that he has a fiance (arranged of course) who wants nothing more than money and status and his stepmother takes things to a whole new level of evil when she plots the murder of Deb (Ruci's mother, Ruci is an illegitimate child of the company president) and the attempted murder of Gyu Yun himself. How will this all end? I will like to know too, but I can't read Korean, so I guess I will have to wait for the scanlations like the rest of us. The art is different from standard shoujo manga/manhwa but it is by no means bad, it is actually quite good artwork. Anyway, as I said, it is a modern day adaption of Cinderella with some changes, but if anyone who likes Cinderella should enjoy this spin-off.

I have also read Kimi Shika Iranai by Yoshizumi Wataru, which is a short series, completely scanlated at 2 volumes. As per usual the art is the standard I have come to expect from Yoshizumi Wataru, so for those who like the mangaka's art, then you should enjoy this one. The story is about the developing friendship and romance between the two leads Atsumu and Akane and the struggles they face due to Akane's relationship history. Despite being 16 years old, Akane is already a divorcee. If that's not enough, at the beginning of the series, Akane is still in love with her now ex-husband, Kyou and only got divorced because of their different beliefs on extra-marital affairs (Kyou didn't see it as a big deal) as the series progresses, Akane begins to develop feelings for Atsumu until Kyou needs to be transferred to 'A doctorless town in A prefecture' and Akane decides she will go with him. It is only when Kyou's transfer is cancelled that Akane realizes she only would have went with Kyou out of sympathy and now she really does love Atsumu. The series ends with a scene six moths into the future when Akane and Atsumu sneak away from an 'ohanami ai' (flower veiwing) where they share a kiss. The end. To be honest, it wasn't my cup of tea. Mainly because all of the characters by this mangaka seem to have some ridiculous complexes. I remember reading Datte suki nan Damon and the male lead in that was only every interested in women with boyfriends already and claimed he could never love for real. Same case here, with Akane finding it difficult to love after her divorce, which I understand would be difficult, but it's just that it feels like I have read this before with Datte suki nan Damon, but with the genders reversed.

I am still watching NANA, I am currently about half way through the anime, and it is deffinately inspiring me to attempt to read the manga again. Future readings are slim pickings at the moment, with my random number generator selecting the corresponding numbers of manga series that are only a handful of scanlated chapters, thus making it hard to offer an opinion on the series (this is why I don't read oneshots).

Anyway, that's about it for now, until next time :)

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