Friday, 15 June 2012

A huge step backwards

I don't think I have ever been as disgusted by so called 'work colleagues' in my life as I was last night. I work three jobs, this one being on a casual basis, but for no reason whatsoever should I be subjected to the humiliation I had to endure last night. Here is a post from my Facebook I would like to share with everyone:
Absolutely disgusted with work yesterday! It's unbelievable how 4 fully grown men could make the girls, including myself, carry a van and a half full of glasses, alcohol and crates of soft drinks up and down 2 flights of stairs while these same men stand there having a smoke and a drink on the job, yelling at us girls to toughen up and grow a pair while bad mouthing our efforts. People like this don't deserve a place amongst our society. If they have so little respect for women in the workplace as they did yesterday, then maybe these pigs should go back to the 1950's where they obviously belong
I find it not only atrocious that people like these still exist within today's society, but I have to acknowledge them as my colleague and work superior. The way I and a few of my other colleagues were treated was not only disrespectful to us, but exposed the sexism that is still prevalent in society. Being told to 'man up and grow a pair' by my male superiors is disgusting, considering that they themselves should grow a pair for the way they treated us. It is appalling that the women, including myself were forced to undertake tasks of manual labour and heavy lifting while the same men sit outside having a smoke and a beer (while allegedly "working"). There is also no reason whatsoever, which makes it acceptable for someone to mock me because I speak with an "Aussie Accent". I'm sorry, but the last time I checked a map, I believe that I live in this country called Australia, so isn't an Aussie accent only natural? I am embarrassed to say that I have to work with these kind of people, and it clearly shows that the ideals of the 1950's where the 'whatever men say, goes' mentality is still used in such a degrading manner today. In my opinion, bigotry based on gender and other aspects of humanity is unacceptable, and I believe that there should be no reason why I should endure this attitude in my place of employment.

I am a bit too pissed at the moment to want to discuss everything else, so for now I'll leave it there. In terms of what is coming up, I am up to episode 42 of NANA, so that will be done with in a couple of days, I am up to volume 17 or there bouts in Anatolia Story and I also have a few things to talk about with Adam Sandler's new movie 'That's my Boy"

Anyway, that's about it for now, until next time :)

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