Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lady GaGa 2012!!

So as previously mentioned, the other night I attended Lady Gaga's first of five Melbourne concerts. I have previously gone to her 2010 concert which I thoroughly enjoyed, and she definitely did not disappoint this time round either. As I predicted, the concert not only consisted of her singing and dancing but also a narrative about her little monsters slowly becoming the dominating species. The beginning was awesome, because I got to see a unicorn even though it wasn't real. My seats weren't the greatest (death by mosh wasn't an option, so i chose to buy seated tickets) but the show was still magnificent.

Anyway, since attending the concert, it as come to my attention that one song she performed was somewhat controversial. At the time, when Gaga was talking about the song, I thought it may have been a setup as some shows (mainly circus performances) use this ploy to gain audience attention. Thinking back, I guess I was slightly stupid seeing as Gaga already draws enough attention to herself as an artist as it is, so there is no need as to why she would need to use such ploys. Anyway, it has been in the news, her song 'Princess Die' which she said may or may not be on her next album, but the song is about death, mainly suicide. Anyways, I actually filmed the performance of the song, so I am one lucky duck that I was a part of the audience for something so unique and apparently controversial, so here it is:

Other than that, I have a few other videos from the concert, these are amateur videos shot on my phone, so they aren't the best of quality, but just a taste of what I experienced:

On another note, Usagi drop is taking a while for me to read, it's not that I haven't had time, it's just that it's once of those series that takes a while to read chapters. With any luck I should be done by tomorrow :)

Anyway that is about it for now, until next time :)

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