Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Loosing Sleep

Ok, so I am a bit angry at the moment, but I think it is within reason. I had to spend a whole day renovating a house for someone I don't even know for free. I don't understand why I had to get up at some early hour, travel to this random's house and help them renovate a home so they can live in it, I mean, if I was actually a tradie that was professional and got paid, I wouldn't have an issue, but why couldn't these people do it themselves, especially when it takes up my time and not theirs >_<

On another note, I get to go to Lady GaGa's first Melbourne show tonight, so I am just a bit excited! I went to her last Melbourne show in 2010 and that was amazing. It seems the concerts I go to have a high performance value. I also went to Katy Perry last year and both her and GaGa have shows that have them singing, but also the added narrative in the concert, so it is almost like you get two shows in one, so yeah, looking forward to it.

Moving on, due to my schedule of renovating randoms houses, I haven't had much time to read, but I have read Yumemiru Taiyou by Takano Ichigo. I could tell from the beginning I would like this story, because this is by the same mangaka as Orange! It is complete at around 10 volumes but scans are only done thus far up to chapter 33 (volume 8). The story is about the lead girl, Shimana, who decides she would like to leave home due to recent changes in her family. When she runs away, she runs into a strange man wearing a kimono who offers her a place to live ( a boarding house of sorts). After a few conditions are met, Shimana moves in. As the story progresses, Shimana starts to crush on Asahi (not the beer) only to have her heart broken. After a while, despite a pursuant Zen, she develops feelings for Taiga (weird man in the kimono) and confesses to him. Although Taiga accepts somewhat, he admits that 'he likes her, but doesn't like her in that way' but that he will try, also, we are introduced to Taiga's father, who is hell bent on some plan to bind Taiga to him by removing him from his current surroundings. Up to the scans, it is obvious that Taiga likes Shimana, but hasn't figured it out for himself, which is really cute! I know how it end because bxsweebly translated the back end of the series, although, from my plot summary, I think it is obvious how it would end. Personally, I adore this series, however it seems that others don't agree because they don't like the ending. It is a shoujo series, so don't expect a complicated plot with dark undertones, because if you are, I think you are reading the wrong genre.

Next on the list is Usagi Drop, It is complete at 9 volumes in Japanese and scans and is something for the older readers considering the plot.

Anyways, that's about it for now, until next time :)

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