Thursday, 7 February 2013


I'm a cat!

Anyhoo, just a lazy update because I feel obliged to let everyone know that I am still actually alive. I get up today and do my usual thing, you know, brush my teeth, make breakfast etc. before turning on the television, and when I turn it on, there is mass rage over this drugs and crime in professional sport and such, and all I can think is a mass *facepalm*. I mean the timing of this report is just oh so convenient, given the soccer fixing and Essedon football scandal. It is a horrible thing to hear about, but really? Why now?! For all we know, this research was probably completed months ago, but was withheld only until now, to make a bigger splash on the audience.

On that note, I am truly upset about there being an 8 month election campaign...I already hate the fact that I have to take time out of my weekend to vote between a muppet and...another muppet. I would much rather see non-fictional characters such as pikachu and captain feathersword to run for Prime Minister, because quite frankly, their non-existence would already be a great big step up from what is currently running Australia.

On to the usual, I am still going through my Harlequin phase! They are really quick and easy to read, and man, I wish those men in the stories were real, because if they were, I would be right onto them!

Anyways, that's about it for now, until next time: :)


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