Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Lazy Birthday Greetings!

Yeah, I know, it's been two weeks since I posted anything, but forgive me okay, I'm just lazy!! In all seriousness, I have been rather busy visiting relatives and such seeing as I recently celebrated my birthday, YAY! As part of the celebrations, we opened a very old bottle of port, and I can tell you, it does not suit my tastes at all, I will probably never have it again! But all was good, as I got to eat cake, and that is what is most important!

Although I haven't been on much recently, it does not mean I have stopped reading as such, but there is nothing real interesting to report, because I have recently taken a liking to the oneshot manga adaptations of harlequin romance novels, and they are all pretty similar, just a lot of sexy time, so nothing new there.

On another note, I have finally started watching the series of films I have recorded to my foxtel box. Firstly, Ichi was amazing! Me and a friend were watching, and we are very blood-thirsty beings, we love to see blood and guts and people dying in our movies, and Ichi did not disappoint, although it was awkward when my sister walked in on the sex scene -________-. I mean, it's a two hour movie and a 40 second scene, and she saw that bit, although me and my friend had to laugh, because it just sounded so fake. Anyway, it was rather enjoyable, now to read the manga adaptaion.

I also watched Kamui, this one was about a ninja who abandons his clan and is on the run from them, as betrayal means death in ninja terms. This one has a lot of double-crossing and fights, and death...again. It is kind of sad, because Kamui had found somewhere where he belonged, and then everyone dies from poisoning, including his love interest *sad face*. On a side note, for a moment there, I thought that it was turning into jaws at one point when the killer sharks came along. Overall its pretty awesome.

Finally, my personal favourite, Yatterman! Well, there is only one way to describe it-Power Rangers x Hi-5 x Transformers x adult version. It was quite entertaining, mainly because I didn't know what was happening half the time, but it was really good in terms of entertainment value. plot not so much...There seems to be an anime of this aswell, so I will be sure to check that one out too.

Anyways, that's about it for now, until next time :)

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