Wednesday, 18 April 2012

One Small Step for Me! =D

Alrighty, my very first blog post! How exciting! Well, I guess I should start with a bit of an intro. The about me section is just a little some to break the ice and hopefully get a few cheap laughs, but I guess I should talk a bit about my self in real life =D.

Well, firstly, I am a university student. Not only that, but I am doing a double degree, which is a cool thing to say because it makes me sound smart when I'm actually not. I love sport. Living in Melbourne, I obviously love AFL, but I also love many other sports, in particular tennis and motorsport, but please don't ask me about cars as such, I don't know anything about them ^-^. 

I love television, especially shows such as The Inbetweeners (yes, I know, original) and I am particularly fond of comedy animation, including such classics like The Simpsons and South Park. 

I also like to read...a lot. I like to read books, but not pop culture books such as twilight and hunger games. I find that I enjoy classic literature more, Like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Edgar Allen Poe.

I am a massive follower of Anime and Manga. I mainly read Shoujo and and Josei, which for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, it basically means stuff that is aimed at girls, so everything is so sweet it gives you a toothache. In saying this, I have watched the classics such as Pokemon and Dragonball Z, I mean, I grew up with that stuff. I will admit right now that I am a massive nerd when it comes to this stuff.

I love my cats, I have two black cats, so i am not very superstitious, in fact, I consider Friday the 13th to be lucky days for me.

So, with this blog, I will talk about my day to day life in the off chance that something out of the ordinary happens (like I see a unicorn or something) but more than anything else, I would like to branch out to people who have similar interests to me, so more often than not, I will probably be posting and summarizing about stuff i have seen, did or read and offer my insight on it, so, if I am talking about something and you have no clue what I am talking about, then that's ok, because my interests are unique :),

So I think that should just about do it. Any questions you have for me, feel free to ask on the message board and I will try to answer. Also, if you like what you have seen so far, feel free to follow me on twitter @himexcherry

Thank You :)


  1. In fact guys, with what I have written, from now on the word 'twilight' is banned from this blog. Any discussion about Edward vs. Jacob will not be tolerated!!

  2. I have to agree more on that, I believe those words should be banned from the internet all together...


  3. Aagreed! Thank goodness it's all going to end soon