Saturday, 21 April 2012

The awkward moment when...

Two girls show up at the same dress up party in the same costume! This actually happened at a party I worked at (yes i work at parties, how awesome) and the theme was television characters. A lot of people showed up as current reality TV stars such as the Kardashians and the crew from Jersey Shore, but the two girls that showed up in the same costume really surprised me...They both showed up as Sailor Moon. Personally, Sailor Moon is awesome, I grew up with it and I still love it, more so after watching the original Japanese version. But given today's culture, it was really obscure, but also extremely awkward.

In the meantime, I also finished reading 'Boarding House of Hunks'. Overall, it was a good read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, until I reached the last chapter. So the overview of the story is pretty much about a girl and a guy who love each other, but neither of them is willing to be the 'bitch'. There are fights and kidnapping so there was some action too, and was highly. But the biggest disappointment for me is the last chapter. The manhwa literally finishes mid sentence. I was reading and reading, went to the next page and it said 'we hoped you enjoyed reading this....' blah blah blah. I would go into it more, but i really can't be bothered at the moment...maybe later

Speaking of this though, that is one of my pet hates with reading-the open ending. When I read something, I expect closure! Unless it is a series, answer my questions please. Give us an epilogue, because I read to read a story, not to make it up. If I wanted to do that, I would have stuck to reading Goosebumps choose your own adventure series (does anyone even remember that)

Also, watching the AFL on television...very disappointed. I have accepted the fact that my footytips are down the toilet this week, so I have to make it up with a perfect round next week (hoping anyways). But I reckon some of the games this week have been played in cyclonic conditions given the goal kicking accuracy. I reckon my kitty could kick better...if cats could kick footballs. 

Anyways, that's about it for now, so I'm going to leave it there, but I'll be sure to post more soon-ish if I get the time. :)

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