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Yami no Papuru and no more exams!

So yay! Last exam over and done with exams for the year now...Although today's was an open book exam, so it definitely made things a lot easier. I am pretty confident that I have passed all my subjects for this semester, so onto year two next year.

Ok, so I think I may have said something about writing about Love SOS, but I think I can summarize it in a sentence: Read anything by the kkotnim company, and I'm sure you will get the jist. The beginning is failry interesting, the protagonist is blind for the first little while, but after that it was kind of standards, fights and all.

So moving on, I would much rather talk about Yami no Papuru by Chie Shinohara. Let me just say, I love Chie Shinohara's works, the story is never the cliche shoujo/josei story, and I love how gruesome it can be, it is quite refreshing. The series is quite old, published during the 80's, and is complete with 12 volumes, only the first 9 have been scanlated so far.

So the story is about Rinko, a 1st year high school student who is dating her childhood friend Shin'ya, who starts to notice changes within her, in particular, her eyes beginning to change to purple at times (hence the title, which roughly tranlates to purple eyes). She is captured by 3 men who lock her in a shed with the intention to 'attack/rape' her at the request of a third party. Before she is attacked, Rinko eyes change purple and she disappears, only for a 'beast' to appear shortly after. The beast brutally murders the three men before escaping. The next morning, Rinko awakens and has no clue how she got home. The incidents catches the attention of Sonehara, a science teacher at Rinko's school who set up the incident in the hopes she could catch a transformer in the action.

Sonehara believes in her late father's research that there are humans who are capable of transforming into animals, and believes Rinko to be one such being. Sonehara kidnaps Rinko and locks her in a small compartment under the floor. Shin'ya notices that Sonehara is up to something, and eventually manage to escape. Sonehara then abducts Rinko's younger sister Maiko, in the hopes that she too can transform. Rinko and Shin'ya find Sonehara's villa and find Maiko. They attempt to escape but Maiko is attacked by Sonehara's dogs and is killed. This causes Rinko to transform, with Sonehara capturing the scene on tape as evidence. Rinko is then captured again and is betrayed by Shin'ya who drugs her and traps her for Sonehara. While captured, it is revealed that Sonehara's father is alive albeit mentally and physically disabled and he is eventually killed. Eventually it is revealed that Shin'ya planned to use Sonehara as a means of getting money and the evidence so he can hide Rinko from Sonehara.

While escaping they note a man going to Sonehara under the pretense that he is a freelance journalist interested in the transformer theory.  He reveals himself to be Odagiri, a man who later reveals himself to be a transformer. He takes interest in Rinko, claiming it is the first time he has encountered a transformer like her, mainly because she is female (In the second arc of the story it is revealed that he was part of a 'clan' that claim to preserve them, but acts otherwise). After he departs, Sonehara chases after Shin'ya and Rinko, Shin'ya being shot in the shoulder in the process and Rinko transforming once again. Once Rinko untransforms, she is found by Odagiri who has taken Shin'ya with him. The three stay in an isolated cabin, with Odagiri suggesting Rinko should be with him, a fellow transformer, instead of someone who doesn't know what it is like. After a fight, Shin'ya and Rinko escape, only for Rinko to be captured and taken to Odagiri's apartment. It is revealed that Odagiri does not have long to live. He also hints Rinko's mother may have had the ability to transform, as she only lived to 35 years of age (died young like other transformers).

Rinko somehow leaves the apartment and return home with Shin'ya. A couple of months have passed since Rinko was first kidnapped by Sonehara, so her father had long been looking for Rinko and Maika. Rinko decides that Odagiri is right, and that she can no longer live with Shin'ya and her father because she is different and does not know when she will turn on them. She returns to Odagiri and agrees to be his lover on the concession that he gives her time. Odagiri drugs Rinko then has sex with an unconscious Rinko because he 'doesn't have time to wait for her'. After she regains consciousness, she escapes. After a spate of incidents involving both Rinko and Odagiri in panther form Sonehara knows about her whereabouts and captures Rinko once again. Still hellbent on her research, Sonehara quickly discovers that Rinko is pregrant (This all happened in like a space of 50 pages btw). Rinko does not wish to have the child because she feels that she is not ready and because she still loves Shin'ya. Shin'ya finds Rinko in Sonehara's villa and finds out about Rinko's situation. They escape, but when Rinko transforms the police attempt to shoot Rinko. Meanwhile, Sonehara lures Odagiri into a warehouse where is only option is to transform. This results in Odagiri sacrificing himself to allow Rinko and Shin'ya to escape. Unfortunately, Rinko has been shot repeatedly and is seriously injured. The only option left is for Shin'ya to allow Sonehara to take Rinko to a doctor she knows (already sounds shifty).

The shifty doctor manages to save Rinko's life. Shin'ya decides he wants to marry Rinko because he loves her, even though he isn't the father of Rinko's baby. A few months later Rinko gives birth to a daughter and names her Mai (mainly in rememberence of her dead sister). At first the three seem happy until they realise Sonehara plans to steal the baby an commence even crueler experiments on her. Shin'ya and Rinko escape,  and take sanctuary in a church where they are married by the priest. It is then that Rinko knows that she does not have long left to live. After a rockslide caused by Sonehara kills the priest, this allows an opportunity for Sonehara to steal Mai, which she does, however, she is caught by a transformed Rinko, who lunges herself, along with Sonehara, over a cliff.

15 years have passed since Rinko and Sonehara presumedly died, and Shin'ya  has raised Mai as his own daughter. He has since become a doctor in the hopes of finding a way to extend the lifespan of a transforming being. Mai comes to the attention of the 'clan' for being a pureblood, and she is almost killed as a result. She is only saved by Akio, a university student who can transform who realizes the clan is wrong for trying to kill Mai. At first Akio had also tried to kill Mai, but no longer does so for his feelings for her. it is then revealed that Sonehara did not die and has been helping the clan for the entire 15 years since she fell off the cliff. Sonehara also reveals that Rinko is not dead.

This leads Mai and Akio to go to the lab where Rinko is supposedly being held. Sonehara attemtps to capture Mai and Akio but is unsuccessful. Mai is at this point attacked by Rinko. Eventually Mai returns in order to meet her mother. It is revealed that Sonehara had no intention of letting Mai talk to Rinko, instead, attempting to brainwash her like she did Rinko (hence why Rinko attacked Mai). This backfires and ends up destroying most of the lab. It is revealed that Rinko has lived until now due to her being almost always cryogenically frozen, except when needed by Sonehara.

And that's about where the story is up to currently. First of all, I think Sonehara needs to seriously get laid. I mean, I reckon she would chill out a lot. She also needs some hobbies like sewing, or fishing, just something to keep her from being even crazier. The story has dual protagonists, the first 6 volumes focusing on Rinko and the other 6 focusing on her daughter, Mai, I thought having the split narrative was really good. I was really sad when I got to the time skip. I felt especially bad for Shin'ya, as he believes that Rinko was the only one for him. I felt the 15 years demonstrates his decision to stay alone with Mai for his life. it probably makes it harder that Mai is suppose to look a lot like Rinko too. By the sounds of some spoilers, it sounds like that Shin'ya may actually find a way to extend the lifespan of transformers, as it seems that Akio is still alive at the end of the series despite the fact that he is clearly already very ill.

Anyway, that's about it for now, until next time :)

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